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Continuing Education

ASID supports the professional development of the Society’s members and the profession with continuing education programs and events that allow participants to advance in their careers and build their skill sets. Serving a range of professional career stages from the emerging to advanced professionals, the Society’s professional development offerings improve individual competencies, knowledge, and skills in subject areas essential to the growth and success of the industry.


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CALLING Speakers and Presenters!

We invite you to participate in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Call for Speakers for GATHER 2023 - The National Conference by ASID, in Los Angeles, CA, August 13th - 15th, 2023.  Learn more

For a more information about the presentation guidelines, please review our Speaker Guidelines


ASID, our Chapters, and Industry Partners offer a variety of continuing education opportunities in-person and online.

Additionally, ASID bylaws and policies require all practitioner members (Professional, Allied, and Associate members) to meet the Society’s continuing education requirement

The Society’s programs centralize on key content themes that cross-cut all practice areas of interior design, including the Impact of Design, Leadership Development, and the Business of Design.

  • Resiliency: According to the Resilient Design Institute, resiliency refers to “the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in response to vulnerabilities to disaster and disruption of normal life.” ASID supports the role of the interior designer in resiliency.
  • Health and Wellness: ASID designers preserve the health of occupants by consciously selecting materials and other attributes of the built environment that affect human performance, including behavior and physical activity.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability-driven design practices aim to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • With leadership frequently cited as the most important skill for business, the ASID Foundation invested in mapping leadership competencies. With this roadmap, known as the ASID Leadership Academy, the Society is developing and launching leadership programs for the interior design profession.
  • Four central competencies serves at the base of the Society’s leadership development programs: Engaging People, Understanding and Leveraging Organizational Information, Demonstrating Strategic Perspective, and Serving as an Organizational Advocate.

  • Business Strategies: These strategies include business planning, marketing, and client relationship building.
  • Practice Management: This includes project delivery, project phasing, and project management.
  • Team Building: This includes managing integrated teams and mentorship.

  • Design Fundamentals: Practical advice and tools to apply to your career as a design professional
  • New Skills or Refresher Courses: Access emerging technology or research that can affect your bottom line, for the first time or to enhance your established knowledge.
  • Trade-Specific Competencies and Subject Areas: Key Industry Partners and manufacturers give industry professionals in-depth access to their products, research, and specification requirements.

For more information, contact us at membership@asid.org.