Outcome of Design Awards

Design is an agent of change for the greater good. 

Beauty and function, two great pillars of design, are important but not enough. Let’s elevate the practice of design by amplifying active measures for sustaining people, place, and planet. 

noun. the way a thing turns out; a consequence

noun. the arrangement of elements or details in a product or work of art
verb. to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan

ASID believes that we can collectively reimagine and reshape an evolving practice of interior design that is first and foremost in the service of people, communities, and our ever-changing world. Design is an agent of change for the greater good. Let’s work together towards a future where we celebrate designed spaces that are healthy, safe (both physically and emotionally), and inclusive. 

ASID brings to you the resources to build your awareness, apply your knowledge, and recognize your achievement to support the Outcome of Design.  

Resources and Tools


Join us as we build momentum through a new community of practice focused on the outcome of design. Everyone involved in the design and construction of the built environment is invited to join the conversation and learn from projects and peers on how to implement research to action. 



Project Toolkit 

Access the ASID Outcome of Design Toolkit to apply outcome measures to your design process. The toolkit provides you a framework to follow throughout all project phases – from project startup to post-occupancy – engaging the design team and client. 



ASID Academy

Build your knowledge about designing for outcome measures with the curated education and resources available on ASID Academy. Learn from award winners, thought leaders, and innovators to bring these methods into your practice and gain a competitive edge.



2022 AWARDS 

The ASID Outcome of Design Awards celebrate the proof in the power of design. The awards shed light on innovative designers and businesses that focus on the quantifiable effect of projects on people in the built environment. Projects that measure the outcome of design on the human experience through sustainable, humancentric, and socially responsible design solutions are the future, and the Outcome of Design Awards recognize the innovators who are leading the charge.

Congratulations to the 2022 Outcome of Design Award Optimizers and Winner!

Award Optimizers

University of California San Diego North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood
Project Team: HKS, CADRE, Safdie Rabines Architects, Clark Construction
Location: La Jolla, CA, USA
Project Type: Education
Construction Type: New Construction
Project Size: 1,057,950 SF

North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood (NTPLLN) is a new residential “campus within a campus” at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Totaling 10.6 acres and completed with a final total cost of $628 million, it is the largest construction project in the 57-year history of the university. This transformational project serves as a blueprint for future living and learning projects by advancing UCSD’s commitment to the environment, promoting health and well-being among students, faculty, and staff, and fostering a meaningful connection between the university and its community. NTPLLN features three residence halls, two divisional academic buildings, eight general assignment classrooms, administration offices, an auditorium, and a subterranean parking garage. Situated around a flexible main street and multimodal pathways, publicly accessible amenities include a market, affordable dining establishments, a craft center, classrooms, lecture halls, and an expansive network of inviting outdoor green spaces.

Sheltering Arms Institute
Project Team: HDR, Valley Engineering, and Hourigan
Location: Richmond, VA, USA
Project Type: Healthcare
Construction Type: New Construction
Project Size: 212,063 SF

Photographer Credit: Quentin Penn-Hollar

The new Sheltering Arms Institute (SAI), a 114-bed destination hospital for high acuity rehabilitation care, sits on a 48-acre campus development on the west side of Richmond, Virginia. The planning and design process and team structure supported a change management strategy to create the new entity and campus, and successfully consolidated three hospital units into one translational center of excellence. The planning and design philosophy revolved around the notion of the building as a therapeutic tool. To inform the design of the new facility, an interdisciplinary project team integrated evidence-based design with project delivery to achieve occupant goals and address challenges unique to the rehabilitation population. The design of SAI integrates research with clinical care, incorporates rehabilitative innovations and technologies to propel clinical practice, and intends to improve the quality of the patient and family therapeutic experience, reinventing rehabilitation for “life beyond limits.”

Award Winner

Little Charlotte Office
Project Team: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield, DPR Construction, PMC Interiors
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Project Type: Corporate Office
Construction Type: Retrofit/Renovation
Project Size: 60,000 SF

Rooted in Charlotte’s uptown, Little’s national headquarters is the area’s first LEED and WELL Certified workspace and embodies the vibrancy, connectivity, and authenticity of the surrounding city. Little is setting out to prove that people are happier, healthier, and more productive when they work in a space that supports their physical and mental health every day and that gives them a wide variety of work settings, so they are always working in a space that is custom designed for the type of work they are doing.