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ASID research projects focus on the business, impact, and practice of design. They span design career stages, space types, and topic areas.



2022 ASID Economic Outlook Report

2022 ASID Economic Outlook Report

The ASID 2022 Economic Outlook, part two of the three-part series on the Outlook and State of Interior Design, provides an overview of the current state of the economy and including its impact on the interior design industry, profession, and practice. The report connects broad ideas directly to the profession, including the role interior designers will play in making the office a desirable destination for employers, employees, and their clients, determining much of the direction of future office construction spending. Download the Report.

2022 ASID Trends Report

The ASID 2022 Trends Report builds upon the findings of the 2021 Outlook and State of Interior Design Report, bringing a refined focus to the latest changes impacting design practice, including population, society, lifestyles, methods of work, new technologies, and the natural environment. From products and materials to how and where spaces are designed and for whom, these trends are transforming design and interior designers' clients. Download the Report.

ASID COVID-19 Pulse Survey

In response to COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, interior design industry, business, and interior design professionals, ASID has been conducting pulse surveys (starting March 31, 2020) to identify issues interior design businesses and professionals are experiencing now.

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How has COVID-19 impacted designers and the profession of interior design? ASID has the answers for you — the ASID INSIGHTS Briefs explore the critical role interior designers play in shaping the built environment in the wake of the pandemic.

Use the ASID INSIGHTS Briefs to identify opportunities to connect, lead, and collaborate on issues related to the built environment. View all the briefs

2021 Outlook and State of Interior Design Report

The ASID 2021 Outlook and State of Interior Design Report curates a comprehensive collection of critical knowledge needed to decipher the world around us, the changes impacting us, and the opportunities set before us. The report reviews the state of interior design with key insights for the future of the profession, trend summaries related to people and business with implications to design, and key economic factors that impact construction and interior design services. Download the Report.


Hospitality Design and Well-being: Quality Sleep at Hotels

In recent years, hotel properties around the world have been striving to enhance the well-being of their guests through design and amenity options — and nothing increases our well-being faster than a good night’s sleep. Based on multiple research studies, this report examines how hotel design can increase the likelihood of deep, restful, guest sleep. Read the Report.

Career + Emerging Professionals Roundtable White Paper

To better understand designers’ experiences as they begin and grow into their careers, ASID gathered 65 emerging professional designers with zero to 10 years of experience for a series of roundtable discussions in five major metropolitan areas in 2015. This white paper shares the roundtable conversation and offers suggestions on how to make improvements for the benefit of young interior designers and the firms that employ them. Download the Career + Emerging Professionals Roundtable White Paper..